A few months back Microsoft bought out the guys behind the Visual Studio extension for unity called UnityVS. They followed with some articles about how they’ll be releasing the tools for free “soon”.

I watched patiently for a month waiting for their release… with none to be seen.

I stopped checking up MSDN about it and went about my business. Well until 2 days ago when our bizspark subscription got approved! For those of you who don’t know about this offer, Microsoft will give start ups a 3 year subscription to an MSDN Ultimate account for free. That is FREE access to thousands of dollars worth of software. Latest versions of their operating systems, SQL server, Visual Studio, Office Suite, name it… it’s in there! And not only do you get that, but you get 150 dollars in credits a month towards Azure Cloud Services. And that’s not just one account, they give you 5 accounts for your business.

If you can’t tell, I’m excited. I was regretting having to give up my MSDN subscription from my last job, but now I have one all my own! No needing to get permission from the boss to use any of the cloud services. Scratch that, I need to get permission from the boss… Dylan, do I have permission? Yes Dylan, you have permission. Man, that was easy!

Anyways, back at UnityVS. So while upgrading my server to Windows Server 2012 R2 I decided to take a quick look for the status on UnityVS, and sure enough, they released it the day AFTER I stopped paying attention.

Now this tool was selling for 100 dollars before, and it was a great piece of software even then. Now Microsoft offers it for free! Free! Man Microsoft, you’re just filling my computer with all sorts of great software!

So anyone using Visual Studio, head on over to the Visual Studio 2013 Tools for Unity download page. I guess they changed the name… heh.

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