'Garden Variety Body Horror' is the bloody disgusting, unsanctioned followup to last years sleeper non-hit 'Prototype Mansion'. In this all new survival/adventure you play as HANK, the idiot B-story partner who must SOLVE, PUNCH and HEAL his way through an unimaginable garden-themed existential nightmare. Investigate a fog filled estate, solve puzzles, fight horrific monsters, and enjoy the relaxing sounds of bad Japanese dub. (English subtitles included)


Garden Variety Body Horror is the second episode in the Devil's Bargain Bin series of episodes. Schlocky episodic survival-horror games on the cheap.


  • Japanese dubs and English subs
  • Classic style survival-horror gameplay => tank controls optional
  • 32-bit low-poly visuals, janky models
  • Campy humor, gore galore, FOG.
  • Puzzles of the cryptic kind


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About Jupiter Lighthouse Games

Jupiter Lighthouse is a two-man team of game designers established in 2014 out of West Palm Beach, Florida and named after the local lighthouse just north in the town of Jupiter. We desire our games to harken back to the early 3D games of the 90's visually; while updating the lighting and shading to modern technology. Fun and quarky story telling is another part of our design that we think makes us stand out. Embracing what made early 3d games fun, while poking fun at some of the bits that were just odd.
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Garden Variety Body Horror Credits

Andrew Hilderbrand
Artist, Game Design, Man of many hats
Dylan Engelman
Programmer, Game Design, Man of many pork chops