So when Andy worked with Vicarious Visions, our friend Ed from high school also had a job their working as a game tester on titles such as the ‘Guitar Hero’ series. He happened to be in town last week and we had him do some play tests on the current state of the game.

It was hilarious… since Andy is in Japan and he wanted to be able to watch Ed play, we went and strapped a webcam to his head so Andy could watch. Now you might be asking why we didn’t just stream our desktop… and well, there’s some technical issues with getting Andy hooked up to any of the streaming services due to weird internet, language barriers, and general bandwidth issues. Where as a simple facebook webcam video stream worked just fine.

We certainly squashed a few bugs from the game test, which is what you want to get out of such a thing.

We also decided to do some minor alterations to stuff to make some things more clear, as well as add a little more to the narrative of episode 1 to give it more weight. One big change we did was change out Cass’s outfit (the main character’s name is Cass, if you were wondering). Ed said she looked to much like a police officer, when she’s actually a coast guard. So we gave her a nice vest to show that aspect off, and personally I think it pop’s more on screen.

As opposed to her earlier outfit:

While Andy arts up the new cut-scenes, I’ve been focusing on some new features to add to Episode 1, as well as some stuff that will show up in Episode 2.

One thing I’ve added was new footstep sounds effects that are context sensitive. So when you walk through a pool of blood you get a nice sloshy sound, where as the regular floor gets a regular clack-clack sound. I got the sound effects off┬áSpecifically from a user named InspectorJ, who created a nice collection of footstep sounds for all sorts of settings. The muddy sound effect was especially useful for the blood pools.

I went in and cut up the clips into short half second clips for each footstep, and I randomly string them together while you walk to get a nice dynamic sound.

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