Friday, January 23rd, we were asked to join Ft. Lauderdale ACM Siggraph and Florida Game Developers Association (FGDA) at the Boca Raton branch of the GlobalGameJam hosted at Digital Media Arts College (DMAC) Boca campus. David Vega and Alex Earley were hosting, who we met through the local FGDA meetups that happen nearly every friday of the month.

Andy and I spent about a half hour talking with amateurs, students, and pros about Apoc and what led up to our quitting our jobs and starting on the Apoc project. We touched on various hurdles we had to jump, and the different paths taken to get here. Such as how Andy went the route of a formal education via Savannah College of Art & Design. Where as I, Dylan, took the classic route of learning to program in my garage and just throwing myself into the job market.

We also showed off a video demonstrating the combat in our game Apoc. The combat could be best described as a ‘Brawler Hell/Storm’, like a ‘Bullet Hell/Storm’ but melee instead.

Included in the video is a track by Kyle ‘Smile’ Hess titled “Alone, and Aware”. Kyle Smile is composing a custom soundtrack for our game.

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