Prototype Mansion

The first episode in a series of games written as a love letter to 90’s Playstation/Saturn era survival horror games.

Join Cass & Hank as they investigate the light seen on in the dark foreboding mansion that towers over the coast.

Will they survive the treacherous halls within? It’s up to you, conserve ammo, push your way through the hordes of zombies, and help bring lunch to the little girl locked away in its attic.

How Now Sea Cow

A game about a girl and her aquatic mammal friend. Solve puzzles, feed your beastie, and enjoy the slow coastal vibe. Five levels in total.

Made in a little over a week for an in-house game-jam. We wanted to focus on simple mechanics, clarity, and setting a clear and definitive tone.

The idea was to make a version of ‘Flipper’ that featured a painfully slow manatee instead of a dolphin. While we were going for slow torment.. it ended up a bit endearing, somehow.

Brunhilde and the Spiders From Mars

Time-traveling arachnids from the planet MARS have invaded our past! Our on hope rests in…

Brunhilde! Heroine of the people!

Will she stop the menacing creatures… or hasten the destruction of man-kind?

This game was created for a gamejam at the Boynton Beach Hacklab in South Florida. We created it with Anthony Dressen and Victor Vergara who are members of FGDA.