We entered a 48 game jam this weekend, hosted at the Hack Lab (http://hacklabnobo.wordpress.com/) in Boynton Beach. Many thanks to Alex & Mari who put it together!

Dylan Engelman, Anthony Dreessen, Victor Vergara, and myself made up the team. Two artists, two programmers. Forty-eight hours. The theme was Sound & Time. Alex Earley, from Florida Game Developers Association (FGDA), provided an achievement list for the games and our goal was to hit every single one. Our concept was loosely based on opera. You can sing high or low pitch notes to control the heroine. The goal is to charge into the spiders and avoid all other props. Audience members will leave a bad performance! The game is over when all of the spiders are dead or the audience has left…

Brunhilde and the Spiders from Mars!





There was also a duck in the parking lot that followed us everywhere. I kind of miss the little guy.



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  1. Thanks for coming out guys! I really liked your game, thank you for really applying your skills here. This is impressive for all being done in 48 hours.

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