This segment will cover the randomization, and how we turn each enemy into a unique snowflake. You may have seen the robots in the video clip earlier. They aren’t the prettiest (prototype art), but you’ll rarely see the same one twice!


  • Start with a generic enemy core
  • Create a handful of props (gear, weapons, accessories: ~3 models per slot)
  • Create multiple textures (~3)
  • Place prop attach points on enemy (include list of possible props that can spawn at each location)
  • Setup texture swapping
  • Setup texture swapping for props


  • No defining features in base model
  • Change the silhouette!
  • Use vastly different textures
  • Choose opposing colors, work your way in
  • Hue/value, saturation: in that order
  • Randomization should offer clear change


  • Cut similar props
  • Cut similar textures
  • Cut props that do not change silhouette

When the individual enemy is lost, replaced by the faction, the goal is met!

EnemyRandomization_baseEnemy Randomization






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