Combat Update

This update will be heavy on combat and design. Mechanics. Functionality. Behind the scenes stuff. As of now, enemy grappling works, the sword has been gutted, and a few simple AI have been hooked up. Polish is needed, but gameplay is coming together before our eyes! I’m excited. Are you excited?

Enemy Grappling

We have 3 weight classes of enemy, heavy you may have seen the old first gameplay clip. Grapple a heavy and they will lug you around while trying to throw you off. Light enemies rag-doll onto the end of your sword, and become projectiles. Pick up a dude, launch him into his friends. Overall this has been ridiculously fun. There are some targeting issues, and the rag-doll tends to tear itself apart at high speeds… But overall, it’s a huge win! Combat -- Design & Art update

New Approach to Hit-Detection

We also fixed sword swinging! Originally we used a hit-box attached to the sword itself, but this led to some weirdness. Since it was driven by the animation, you hit exactly what the sword touched. This however made combat very finicky. We wanted combat to match the ease of platforming: point in the direction, traverse in that direction; swing in a direction, kill in that direction. But this just wasn’t cutting it. We tore out the collider and replaced it with a custom object group that points in any direction the sword swings and turns on briefly. It’s an inaccurate, cheap, heavy-handed, and stupid solution that works incredibly well. Combat now feels as fluid and friendly as platforming. Animations also have more freedom. Melee fits the speed of gameplay and the universe is right again. Combat -- Design & Art update

Croc Enemy AI Hooked-Up, Rag-Doll!

I’m sure Dylan will cover this is greater detail later on, but the Croc is running around with some very simple AI! Note: he is an alligator and we are lazy.

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