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Randomization, Making Enemies

Randomization! This segment will cover the randomization, and how we turn each enemy into a unique snowflake. You may have seen the robots in the video clip earlier. They aren’t the prettiest (prototype art), but you’ll rarely see the same one twice! Process Start with a generic enemy core Create a handful of props (gear, weapons, accessories: ~3 models […]

Unity Notification System

EDIT – WARNING This article is now defunct, the guts of the Notification system has since been rewritten to optimize it when large numbers of GameObjects are being observed in game. A new article will be written soon to outline the changes. In the mean time you can find the required source files for it […]

We got our Bizspark and UnityVS for free!

A few months back Microsoft bought out the guys behind the Visual Studio extension for unity called UnityVS. They followed with some articles about how they’ll be releasing the tools for free “soon”. I watched patiently for a month waiting for their release… with none to be seen. I stopped checking up MSDN about it […]


Level Art Update — Boss Fight Arena

Speed is key in a small team. This is especially true for level art. Today we’ll go over the Cathedral Boss Arena, and how it went from concept to reality in 2 days time. Concept Our process begins with coffee and a sketchbook. Jot down a brief description. Sketch a bit. Make a checklist of assets. Blocking Out […]


First Gameplay Clip

Hi again, Andy again. Today we’d like to share some very early gameplay footage and a few screenshots! The video is brief, but it shows some key features: Acrobatic platforming Grapple, Melee/Swordplay, and Throwing based combat Enemies as weapons Ease of traversal The enemy is a brute type flyer; a heavy weight enemy that can be grappled and somewhat steered. The […]


Introduction to Code

Hey y’all, I’m Dylan the lead programmer on this project. Being a programmer I don’t specialize in things that look “pretty”, but rather in the framework on which the “pretty” gets hung. This can make my posts rather unglamorous in the visual department. I want to make up for that in the one thing I’m […]


A love letter to the 32-bit era

Hi all, Andy here!   I’m from sunny South Florida and for the past 6 years I’ve worked at Vicarious Visions/Activision in upstate NY. There I made characters, toys, levels, props, destruction events, animations, etc. It was incredible to work with so many talented people!   Eventually cold winters got to me, so I left to follow my dream of running a studio […]