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Unity Tags At Runtime

If you check the older versions of my ‘MultiTag’ class I had a static method on it to test if a string passed in was a valid tag. This was to be used to validate tags, but because Unity has no way to get the list of known tags at runtime, I never really implemented […]


Unity Radical Coroutines

This week I had to rewrite a class I had wrote a couple months ago. I didn’t really change the interface to it except to add another method to it. But I completely gutted its implementation and rewrote it from the ground up. See the problem was that I wrote it at a point where […]

Unity Notification System

EDIT – WARNING This article is now defunct, the guts of the Notification system has since been rewritten to optimize it when large numbers of GameObjects are being observed in game. A new article will be written soon to outline the changes. In the mean time you can find the required source files for it […]


Introduction to Code

Hey y’all, I’m Dylan the lead programmer on this project. Being a programmer I don’t specialize in things that look “pretty”, but rather in the framework on which the “pretty” gets hung. This can make my posts rather unglamorous in the visual department. I want to make up for that in the one thing I’m […]