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Articles dealing with the art development.


Playtesting and Steady-Progress

Where We’ve Been Developer meetups, playtesting, work, work, Unturned, work, work, beach, work!  Hi all, we’re not dead. We’ve attended a few more dev-meetups, did some local playtesting. Overall very fun, very helpful! We saw what people liked, what they didn’t. What made sense, what didn’t. We discovered things nowhere on the radar. I’d say the reaction to the game was on […]


Facial Rig — Phoneme Home!

Hi all! This week I’ve been working on the player facial rig. Setting up bones, bone controls, jiggle bits for the hair, etc. We used a placeholder audio track to test phonemes, but I’m overall happy with the range of emotion achieved!   Model & Facial Rig We’re still hammering out some details regarding the player […]


Combat — Design & Art update

Combat Update This update will be heavy on combat and design. Mechanics. Functionality. Behind the scenes stuff. As of now, enemy grappling works, the sword has been gutted, and a few simple AI have been hooked up. Polish is needed, but gameplay is coming together before our eyes! I’m excited. Are you excited? Enemy Grappling We […]


Randomization, Making Enemies

Randomization! This segment will cover the randomization, and how we turn each enemy into a unique snowflake. You may have seen the robots in the video clip earlier. They aren’t the prettiest (prototype art), but you’ll rarely see the same one twice! Process Start with a generic enemy core Create a handful of props (gear, weapons, accessories: ~3 models […]


Level Art Update — Boss Fight Arena

Speed is key in a small team. This is especially true for level art. Today we’ll go over the Cathedral Boss Arena, and how it went from concept to reality in 2 days time. Concept Our process begins with coffee and a sketchbook. Jot down a brief description. Sketch a bit. Make a checklist of assets. Blocking Out […]


First Gameplay Clip

Hi again, Andy again. Today we’d like to share some very early gameplay footage and a few screenshots! The video is brief, but it shows some key features: Acrobatic platforming Grapple, Melee/Swordplay, and Throwing based combat Enemies as weapons Ease of traversal The enemy is a brute type flyer; a heavy weight enemy that can be grappled and somewhat steered. The […]