Author: Dylan Engelman


Prototype Mansion – Used No Cover

So we tasked Frank with going through the storage in back and organizing all the bins of junk we’ve got. Somebodies gotta clean it, might as well be Frank. For a while we forgot he was even back there until he came running up front with something in his hand. Appears them morons over at […]


Unity Tags At Runtime

If you check the older versions of my ‘MultiTag’ class I had a static method on it to test if a string passed in was a valid tag. This was to be used to validate tags, but because Unity has no way to get the list of known tags at runtime, I never really implemented […]

Tag Selector & VariantReference Custom Inspector in Unity

I’ve been tinkering around with the custom inspectors a lot lately in Unity. Namely PropertyDrawers, which funny enough I have been calling “drawers” to date, as in the drawer of a dresser or bureau. I only this week realized it’s ‘draw-er’, like one who draws. There’s a few limitations to PropertyDrawers that I don’t like, […]


Unity Radical Coroutines

This week I had to rewrite a class I had wrote a couple months ago. I didn’t really change the interface to it except to add another method to it. But I completely gutted its implementation and rewrote it from the ground up. See the problem was that I wrote it at a point where […]

Unity Notification System

EDIT – WARNING This article is now defunct, the guts of the Notification system has since been rewritten to optimize it when large numbers of GameObjects are being observed in game. A new article will be written soon to outline the changes. In the mean time you can find the required source files for it […]

We got our Bizspark and UnityVS for free!

A few months back Microsoft bought out the guys behind the Visual Studio extension for unity called UnityVS. They followed with some articles about how they’ll be releasing the tools for free “soon”. I watched patiently for a month waiting for their release… with none to be seen. I stopped checking up MSDN about it […]