Author: Andrew Hilderbrand


Combat — Design & Art update

Combat Update This update will be heavy on combat and design. Mechanics. Functionality. Behind the scenes stuff. As of now, enemy grappling works, the sword has been gutted, and a few simple AI have been hooked up. Polish is needed, but gameplay is coming together before our eyes! I’m excited. Are you excited? Enemy Grappling We […]


Level Art Update — Boss Fight Arena

Speed is key in a small team. This is especially true for level art. Today we’ll go over the Cathedral Boss Arena, and how it went from concept to reality in 2 days time. Concept Our process begins with coffee and a sketchbook. Jot down a brief description. Sketch a bit. Make a checklist of assets. Blocking Out […]


First Gameplay Clip

Hi again, Andy again. Today we’d like to share some very early gameplay footage and a few screenshots! The video is brief, but it shows some key features: Acrobatic platforming Grapple, Melee/Swordplay, and Throwing based combat Enemies as weapons Ease of traversal The enemy is a brute type flyer; a heavy weight enemy that can be grappled and somewhat steered. The […]


A love letter to the 32-bit era

Hi all, Andy here!   I’m from sunny South Florida and for the past 6 years I’ve worked at Vicarious Visions/Activision in upstate NY. There I made characters, toys, levels, props, destruction events, animations, etc. It was incredible to work with so many talented people!   Eventually cold winters got to me, so I left to follow my dream of running a studio […]

Adventures in Game Design

Hello and welcome to the developer blog for Jupiter Lighthouse Studio! Here we will document every step of the journey to make and release our first title as a new studio. We’ll cover the art, design, code, and even the business side of making games. Any goings on, good or bad, you can read about it here. So if you’re interested in how […]