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Prototype Mansion – Used No Cover

Game Jam! — Brunhilde and the Spiders from Mars

We entered a 48 game jam this weekend, hosted at the Hack Lab ( in Boynton Beach. Many thanks to Alex & Mari who put it together! Dylan Engelman, Anthony Dreessen, Victor Vergara, and myself made up the team. Two artists, two programmers. Forty-eight hours. The theme was Sound & Time. Alex Earley, from Florida […]


Playtesting and Steady-Progress

Where We’ve Been Developer meetups, playtesting, work, work, Unturned, work, work, beach, work!  Hi all, we’re not dead. We’ve attended a few more dev-meetups, did some local playtesting. Overall very fun, very helpful! We saw what people liked, what they didn’t. What made sense, what didn’t. We discovered things nowhere on the radar. I’d say the reaction to the game was on […]


Facial Rig — Phoneme Home!

Hi all! This week I’ve been working on the player facial rig. Setting up bones, bone controls, jiggle bits for the hair, etc. We used a placeholder audio track to test phonemes, but I’m overall happy with the range of emotion achieved!   Model & Facial Rig We’re still hammering out some details regarding the player […]


Randomization, Making Enemies

Randomization! This segment will cover the randomization, and how we turn each enemy into a unique snowflake. You may have seen the robots in the video clip earlier. They aren’t the prettiest (prototype art), but you’ll rarely see the same one twice! Process Start with a generic enemy core Create a handful of props (gear, weapons, accessories: ~3 models […]