So after play testing with our friend Ed we decided to add more content to the first episode. This meant Andy was going to need more time to flesh out the art for this new content that I (Dylan) was left with some free time on my hand as most of my job was done for this episode.


I decided to do some voice acting.

At first I was just going to have my fiance Christie Mayer and I record the voices for the main characters just using a generic old mic I had laying around the house. But as Andy and I started fleshing out the script and I recorded some samples Andy thought I sounded way too much like Wesker from Resident Evil 1, and therefore evil.

Sure enough, listening to my audio samples, and listening to Wesker, I could hear what he was talking about.

We decided we’d hold off for an “evil” character in a future episode to use my voice.

So instead my friend James Pate signed on to help out with voice acting of Hank, and my fiance will still be the voice of Cass. James has been a vocalist for various Metal bands in the past, so he was able to bring a nice gruff voice for Hank. Furthermore he was able to hook us up with his friend Mike Strivelli to use his sound equipment, so that way we didn’t have to record on a cheap little mic in my garage.

Andy and I finished up the script, Pate and Christie rehearsed, and we recorded. Tonight I’m starting to cut everything up, apply the various filters (need to make it sound like Hank is on a radio), ¬†and bring it into the game to liven up our cut-scenes.

As a treat for anyone interested I’m including a recording of our rehearsal, though note there is a cut around the 11 minute mark. James and I started going on a 10 minute tangent about break-ins in the surrounding neighbourhood here in West Palm, and we sort of dropped several names of various friends and family, and we didn’t really want to include their private life in this recording. So yeah, we’re sort of making fun of my older cave-man self, then it sort of just cuts to him laughing and talking about shotguns in Christmas.

Anyways, Enjoy!

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