Hi all, Andy here!


I’m from sunny South Florida and for the past 6 years I’ve worked at Vicarious Visions/Activision in upstate NY. There I made characters, toys, levels, props, destruction events, animations, etc. It was incredible to work with so many talented people!


Eventually cold winters got to me, so I left to follow my dream of running a studio out of my home state. We’ve been hunkered down for a month, working diligently, and we’ve finally got a little bit of work to show. In this post I’ll briefly touch upon the overall look and feel of the game.


With our style we hope to pay homage to games of the 32-bit, fifth generation of consoles. The original PS1 specifically. Tiny textures, chunky everything, no filtering or anti-aliasing to speak of. Good looking games were made by knowing every limitation, and exactly how to leverage it. I grew up on those games and they’re the reason I’m a developer today. Having made games for the 360, PS3, Wii, 3ds… my favorite was the DS because it felt most like those old consoles. For our style, assets are created within those limitations, and then run through the best rendering tech available to us. Fancy lighting and simple aesthetic all the way.


TLDR; Low-poly lit-pretty!




8 Replies to “A love letter to the 32-bit era

  1. You would not believe the rush of nostalgia I got just then looking at those screenshots! I absolutely adored the PSX in my youth

  2. This is pretty radical. I don’t think I know of any other dev paying homage to the 32 bit era. Right now everyone’s focused on either hyper realism or 8-bit chip! I think you guys are headed in the right direction. Can’t wait to check out what you cook up!

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