For ludum-dare 37 we created a small little game we titled ‘Murder Mansion’┬áthat is heavily influenced by PS1 era survival horror games. Since we built it in 72 hours it was a limited little game, buggy, with awkward controls. It was also far to easy, since no one ever died. So no one found our easter egg where you come back as a zombie and lurk the halls.

We found the game fun for ourselves, and a few youtubers agreedsort of.

So, we decided we’re going to make a series of games… well it’s a little more like a series of love letters to the classics of the genre.


Over the next year, we will be releasing a series of 32-bit horror games. Each release will be the low low price of 99 cents, for less than the price of an arizona ice tea… errr for exactly the price of an arizona ice tea you’ll get the next chapter in the series of games.

Chapter 1 will be coming to you very shortly as we polish up the cutscenes and what have yous. So look forward in the next week for that release.

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